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Tag Guidelines

Post by Andrew on Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:45 pm

All topics must have a tag, saying what platform it is. Certain games ARE multiple platform, but if there are extreme differences between each version (See: Minecraft and Sonic Generations), then multiple topics may be made.


[Flash] - A flash game.

[PS3] - Playstation3

[U] - Wii U

[Wii] - Wii

[PC] - Computer

[360] - Xbox 360

[3DS] - Nintendo 3DS

[DS] - Nintendo DS

[GBA] - Gameboy Advance

[GB] - Gameboy

[PSP] - Playstation Portable

[PSV] Playstation Vita But there are no good games for it.

[PS2] - Playstation 2

[PS1] - Playstation 1

[MP] - Multiple Platform

This list isn't complete, PM me suggestions!

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