[PC] [Modded Minecraft] MineZ

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[PC] [Modded Minecraft] MineZ

Post by no mom its ironic on Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:53 am

Essentially, MineZ is Minecraft, but made much, much different through mods. It runs on 33 different servers, has a wiki, and a website.

In MineZ, you start off with a Wooden Sword, a bandage (in reality paper) which can be used to heal one heart (if I'm not mistaken) and stop 'bleeding', an Ender Eye (DO NOT USE), and a water bottle (vital to your survival).

Your level represents how thirsty you are--20 is the max, and you can die from thirst as your thirst level drops down to 0. Hunger can also kill you, drops slowly, but does not heal health. All food items heal health a little bit, and materials for crafting them can be found in the assorted chests.

Chests are found in the buildings scattered around the map, disappear once they are opened once, and respawn periodically. There is a road which leads to a main village.

Bleeding is a feature that will occasionally happen after taking damage--bleeding MUST be stopped with a bandage.

Anyway, you can find explanations in the starting room of all servers.


(BTW, guys, I play on the US 6 one.)

Also: Since the server list requires registration, here it is:
(Post it when Photoshop isn't acting up)

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Re: [PC] [Modded Minecraft] MineZ

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:42 am

How in the world did I manage to miss this topic? I don't know.

Well, I've been playing MineZ a lot lately. (Mainly because PBG actually goes to the same server with me and he actually killed me!!!). Even though I played the server before.

The server I play it on is: us1.ghostcraft.net

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