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The Eve

Post by Andrew on Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:31 pm

Team name: The Eve
Alignment: Good
Special weaponry and/or giant robots they can summon: A robotic dragon, which can also function as a mobile base if needed.
Number of members: 3


Name: Morris
Alias: Arc
Age: Around 15
Appearance: A tall person, wearing white-and-gold armor.
Personality: He's generally very kind.
Powers/Skills: Able to don a golden suit of armor, and wield 2 longswords at once, which can be combined into one. Also able to fire beams of light, that while not very large, are powerful enough to burn most material.
Weapons: Two longswords, able to generate a lance. Also has a belt that allows him to don the armor.
Notes: Leader of the Eve


Name: Unknown
Alias: Night
Age: 23
Appearance: A somewhat tall man who wears a brown trenchcoat.
Personality: A cold and unforgiving person, Night is a treasure hunter who lost his memory. He's willing to get around with his teammates, however.
Powers/Skills: Able to use his whip to traverse difficult areas.
Weapons: A simple whip, and an ornate dagger, as well as a small handheld device that chills the area around him.
Theme: (Optional)
Notes: Has a foggy memory of his past, he's remembered quite a bit of it, but can't remember his name.


Name: Arthur
Alias: King
Age: 17
Appearance: A knight in golden armor.
Personality: Has a short temper, but is always willing to help others.
Powers/Skills: Like Morris, is able to don his armor with a transformation belt. Also can teleport.
Weapons: A massive blade, and a transformation belt.
Theme: (Optional)
Notes: Brother of Morris

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