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Post by Neo Phantom Patriot on Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:37 pm

This, is a story, a story of a Pokemon Cartridge. Hacked, maybe, percentage to make you scared of the Pokemon games 1%. No, there is no fighting and gore like most of these types of stories which I will retain from posting just because I want this to stay up and for people to enjoy. Please, enjoy this story and remember, it's just a game, isn't it? NOTICE: I do not own these stories and i will not give out the link to the stories on here because of the fact of all the stories that would ruin childhood.

The Beginning...

One day as I was casually looking through my Pokemon games, I saw that I had Pokemon Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire,Emerald and Leaf Green! But the weird thing was I was pretty sure I had a Fire-Red copy of the game! So as I was puzzled Idecided to pick up a copy of fire red from a games website being sold as "slightly-used", I didn't get the username and when I tried to find it, the account was deleted!

Anyway when the game was delivered to my house the man who came to the door looked absolutely pale white! Like a ghost! I ignored him but felt uneasy, but I just figured maybe he watched a scary movie or something.

So I got my game and put it in my nintendo DS (Because they do play gameboy games!) and started it up, and played the game and I got too the part where you choose your starter, but, instead of the usual: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. I got a choice between Haunter, Missingno. with the sprite of the ghost from Pokemon Red and the Ghost from Pokemon Fire-Red! I don't know what was going on but when I chose Haunter my rival which even though I named "Dragon" (Stupid name I know) was called "Death" and when he was supposed to battle me when he sent out his Bulbasaur "Death" just melted into the ground and dissapeared,and proffesor Oak just gave me a Pokemon and just set me off!

When I looked in my Pokemon Menu I saw that even though I chose Haunter I also had MissingNo. and Ghost I realised that they all had the same basic features, a floating ghost form with a pair of menacing eyes and/or mouth, I also realised I had some Unown aswell, I had three Unown because you are only allowed Six Pokemon in your team, I had a look at them and one was a D, one was an I and one was an E spelling out the word "DIE". I immediately turned off my game and put it back in it's case I didn't even think about saving it!

Was I under a curse? I do not know.

Hope this didn't scare ya too bad, there will be more tomorrow.

Good morning everyone, for all of you Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there, I have a treat for you. It's a unused intro to the original show. Here you go.

I got a Sonic the Hedgehog Complete Series DVD box set.

There were four discs. I put Disc 1 in the DVD player, then played the bonus features. There were two; one was entitled, "Heads or Tails Printable Script." Nothing to special about that one. The next one was called "Unproduced Opening Title Sequence."

To describe the DVD, it included four discs with two cases; I didn't bother to do an episode count. I thought it was cool that the true fans of this show were able to send in art, and then the makers of the DVD would use some of it on the case.
So, let me explain how the strange bonus feature went.
A crazed Robotnik.
Mr. Pet-TypeAdded by Mr. Pet-Type

It was all in black and white; rough sketches mostly. The music was the instrumental version of the original "Fastest Thing Alive" title theme. It didn't make much sense either.

It starts out with a picture of Sonic running, as the word "SONIC" appeared in puffy letters. Then a picture of the original logo for the tv show appeared. Sonic then jumped toward the logo, and as he looked up, Sonic noticed that there was a huge swarm of Buzz Bombers heading for Knothole. A crazy looking Dr. Robotnik then smashes the logo, worrying Sonic. Millions of Buzz Bombers were bombing a terrified-looking Flickies (those little animals Sonic saves). The Buzz Bombers then zoom approach the Flickies, grabbing them in a violent way.A terrified Tails is then seen running, with Sonic right behind him. Sonic then grabs Tails by the neck and runs toward Sally and Rotor. Sonic screeches to a stop. Sonic and Sally then start arguing for no reason at all. Tails, looked very sick, nervous, and confused.

The screen then cuts to a building with tubes containing various animals and, seconds later, the animals are turned into robots. The robots are then let loose, attacking other Flickies. Two guards are seen guarding an unknown object. Sonic speeds past the two guards, mocking them. Sally then jumps from a pipe. Unloosening bolts on the pipe, she takes off the cover and finds a control pannel. She then reverses the roboticizer, making the other robots that have not been released turn back into animals. Bunny Rabbot is seen, breaking out of the tube and freeing the other animals. Sonic is then seen in a corner, surrounded by robots. Sally throws a power ring at Sonic, and the screen then goes to white.

A frustrated Dr. Robotnik tries smashing Sonic and the gang, but misses and smashes his own building. Then Robotnik's ship crashes into the building. The gang hops onto Sonic, who starts running. A battle-damaged Robotnik is seen, looking very angry. Sonic, Tails, Sally, Rotor and Bunny all look very proud. It then shows a picture of a damaged city. Sonic runs off, jumps into the logo, looks at the screen, winks, and points at the screen.

Then the video ends.

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