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'Make a Character' Challenge: Songs Empty 'Make a Character' Challenge: Songs

Post by no mom its ironic on Wed May 01, 2013 12:42 pm

Hello. The title is pretty self-explanatory here.

In any case, what we have is a challenge. Make an all-new character (feel free to use it in whatever rps you want to) based on a song.

Don't just base their name, base their personality, backstory, something more important on the song. Please link it, don't embed it, we don't want too much lag.

Skills, spells, abilities:

Name: Ame Fairdunn
Age: She is currently trapped at age 23; in two years, she will turn into a tree permanently.
Race: Ame is human, designated as a ‘Nature Guardian.’
Appearance: Standing at a rather surprising height of 5’ 8”, Ame appears rather stretched out. She is barely 140 pounds. Ame has gray eyes and purely black hair, which reaches three or four inches past her shoulders and is slightly wavy. She has bangs, which are far too long and are able not only to get into her eyes but to practically obscure her face from her nose upward. As a result, she keeps her hair tucked behind her ear.
Ame is just slightly muscled and has very pale skin. She has a tree-shaped brand upon her right shoulder. This mark is always, always covered.
Ame wears a silk red Oriental jacket with a golden flower pattern over a long-sleeved white shirt, a red silk skirt which hangs down perfectly straight and stops about halfway down her thigh, and finally black boots. Over this, noticeably, she has a black belt which holds her sword’s sheath to her left and her knapsack to her right.
Belongings: Ame keeps with her at all times her flame-bladed sword, made of steel. Its entire hilt is composed of black leather. In her knapsack she carries a large bag for water, assorted preserved foodstuffs, and a small book where she has noted spells and things she has encountered.
Personality: Ame is inclined to do things quickly; haste is of the essence in her book. Ame will not get angered easily, though, which can be an advantage. She generally smiles and will always laugh easily at a joke. Ame likes to make people smile as well. She loves deciduous trees, especially in fall, when the leaves are red, brown, and yellow.
History: Ame was part of a nomadic people called the Dunn. Their lives are dependent on the Dunn tree, hence their name. The Dunn tree can grow in virtually any environment and is especially receptive to magic encouraging it to grow.
Ame, her father, and her mother all had gray eyes, marking them out as the Dunn who would start fires, an important task. The green eyed Dunn grew the Dunn trees, the blue eyed Dunn gathered food, and the brown eyed Dunn hunted. The gray eyed Dunn were considered very important, since fire was a special tool to the Dunn.
When Ame was born, she was born in a warm, dry land of the south, uninhabited by all but the Dunn. She loved to rest under the trees and was raised under them. However, they soon learned why there was no one else living there—monsters came to attack them.
Left with no other choice, the Dunn moved to the cold north. There fire became even more important as a source of heat. Ame’s father, Drew, attempted to teach Ame to start a fire—first manually, which she excelled at, and then using her magic.
She couldn’t. Ame could blow out a fire with a magical wind, but she could not start a fire. Ame’s father struggled with this problem. Ame was gray eyed, therefore she was a fire starter. In the end, Ame could just barely start the spark of a fire, though she could immediately cause firewood to blaze by causing the air to become so hot the wood burst into flames.
Ame left eventually. She left back to the trees she had been born under and soon found a lovely forest in the fall. She struck a deal with the spirit of the forest and promised to protect it.
She failed.
She couldn’t stop the fire before it had consumed almost all of the forest. She was terrified. She couldn’t do anything.
Ame had failed.
The forest was angered. As a punishment, for five years she would be trapped at her current age of 23, and then turn into a tree forevermore. Scared and ashamed, Ame ran away.
Skill, spells, abilities: Ame can start a fire and do little else with fire magic. Being a Nature Guardian, she can heal sick plants and do little else there. She is skilled in wind magic, being able to draw air from someone else’s lungs and actually suffocate them.
Ame is very skilled with her sword. She can set it ablaze easily. She is able to do virtually any maneuver with it, and is practically unbeatable in a sword fight. Unfortunately, she acts very quickly, and her haste can be her undoing.
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rcgirw0inE

'Make a Character' Challenge: Songs UkQWn65
no mom its ironic
no mom its ironic
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'Make a Character' Challenge: Songs Empty Re: 'Make a Character' Challenge: Songs

Post by Death is... kinda hot on Wed May 01, 2013 2:32 pm

Name: Angie Trevor
Age: 18
Race: Human
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, kinda bad skin (something she's not proud of), a straw cowboy hat, white tank-top, denim cutoff shorts, and white flip-flops.
Belongings: Nothing besides what she carries in her pockets (a pair of sunglasses, a wallet, a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter.)
Personality: A little nervous and self-conscious, but looking for a bit of adventure nonetheless.
History: She and her boyfriend decided to go on a road trip because they were tired of everyone pushing them around. They left for California, with him driving and her sleeping in the back seat. She's a nervous smoker, and isn't quite sure if they should be on the road trip.
Skills, spells, abilities: N/A
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siT8EhLZ5Us

Peachy Keen!

I'm a girl, by the way.
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