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Too lazy to put it in the same separate post/chapter thing... whatever.

Chapter One: Disregard
Saivel was born to an angel and a son of the Chaos Lord Valkon. She was not much affected by her father's side. For unknown reasons, though it was suspected that his younger brother, Valon, had something to do with it, for he, Valion, was the elder, and would receive the title of Chaos Lord, he was killed soon after his second child was born. She was named Sarine.

Saivel's mother, Seramine, was a good mother, and carefully brought up her children with magic and understanding of nature and the things around them. She frequently forbid them from doing illegal activities or the like, but Saivel was rebellious and would test these limits often.

It was one day when Seramine decided she had gone too far. At dinner, while Sarine played with her spaghetti noodles, Seramine smashed her fist down on the table.

"Saivel, I'm fed up with you not listening to me! All I want for you is to have a good life, one free of worry and pain and loss, but if you continue dabbling in what you have been doing, that will never happen!"

Saivel looked up at her coldly. "Since when did you care?"

Seramine looked at her, shocked. "What do you mean? I'm your mother, I've always cared!"

"What about that time when you were off at work, and Sarine had gone to a friend's house to play?" Saivel replied accusingly.

"Nothing happened, Saivel!"

"Yes, something did!" Saivel glared at her mother. "She came back bruised and battered... she'd been set upon by marauders waiting in the woods when she came home, alone! I took care of her, and when you came back, you asked no questions, even though her eyes were red, obviously from tears!"

"I..." Seramine was at a loss for words. She looked over at Sarine, who looked up with fearful eyes.

"Please don't fight," Sarine whispered softly. Saivel looked at her, biting her lip hard, then nodded.

"Alright," she said, almost so that she couldn't be heard.

Seramine looked at her two daughters for a moment, and, unable to contain herself, left the room and cried.

Chapter Two: Departure
After the argument, Seramine and Saivel rarely spoke to each other, but only Sarine, who kind of acted as their communicator. For example, after Saivel had finished teaching Sarine some magic and maybe Seramine was eating lunch with the young girl, Sarine would remark 'Saivel wants to do this' 'Saivel wonders whether she could have this for her birthday' 'Saivel says that'.... It went on and on. And the same was for after lunch, when it was back to lessons.

'Mom says that you can do this' 'You can get that for your birthday'... It was always Sarine talking. Saivel and Seramine would just nod, tight-lipped, not looking at each other.

This lasted for many years, and it wasn't actually such a bad system. I mean, they actually still communicated, and they could still remain aloof from each other. Sarine, of course, disliked it. They all did, but well, they didn't want to change it.

One day there was another Argument. This one drove a rift between Seramine and Saivel even further, and this time it was not just verbal separation, but physical.

It started on the topic of magic. Sarine had successfully learned most elements, but not one, and Seramine forbade it, though she knew she could not forbid Saivel herself from learning it. Saivel disagreed, believing if Sarine did not know how to do it, she would not be as successful in defending herself from it.

"Do you think that dabbling in the forbidden arts will keep her from venturing further?" Seramine whispered, staring down at the table.

"I think that 'dabbling in the forbidden arts' would increase her understanding overall of them, and allow her to stay away from it's influence and shield herself from it's danger!" Saivel retorted, much louder than Seramine.

Seramine looked up at her. "I don't want to argue with you again, Saivel."

"Well, you're not doing a good job! You knew I'd disagree, but you said it anyways. Slightly hypocritical, eh?" Saivel gave her a piercing glare. The air around her fist began to shimmer with heat.


"I don't care anymore. About your opinion. About what you think I am, who I am, what I can do. I don't want to listen to you anymore... Mother." Saivel's voice was laced with hate.

"Saivel, we don't have to argue like this..."

"Who cares? I don't." Saivel shook Sarine by the shoulders. The girl had actually fallen asleep, so she picked Sarine up and carried her. "I'll come back when you learn to be a proper mother."

She lifted a hand, two knapsacks flew into it, and she turned to face Seramine for only a moment before she disappeared into the air.

Chapter Three: Scribbles
A branch snapped sharply as Saivel walked into the misty forest. The grass blades were wet with dew under her feet. Saivel looked around for any dry wood, or a dry place at the very least, but found none.

"Just beautiful," she snapped, but simply reached into the knapsack and pulled out a bedroll that would definitely not have normally fit in there. She shook it out violently, singed an area of grass (well, it got dry, anyways), and placed it on the area, before dropping Sarine on it.

The girl stirred, but didn't wake up. Saivel set up a magical fence around the area, just in case, and then wandered off to see exactly where she'd landed.

Saivel hadn't gone far when she realized there was a weight in her pocket. She brought it out cautiously. It was a notebook, worn, with pages yellowed by age. Printed on the front in spidery handwriting... familiar handwriting. Valion.

It was her father's name, clean and simple. Saivel gingerly opened it and noticed some pages were torn out, and there were many scribbles on the remaining ones, obscuring some of the writing.

However, much of the writing was still legible. Saivel read over one page, which was dated not too long before her father's death.

I fear that my younger brother plots for my death, so as to gain the title for Chaos Lord when Father is dead. With Father's condition worsening, though he has lived a long life, it is possible Valon may gain the title soon. Being a foolish and ambitious boy, he may try to take the island of Xyla over. Perhaps I can find a way to stop his takeover, but if I am unable to, I can only hope this journal shall be found by one of my daughters and she will be able to do the following: and from then on it was covered in scribbles, except for the last part, which read: and then find a suitable knight or the like to gain the title of Chaos Lord. It is too dangerous to trust this title with our family anymore. I shall implement this strategy next week, but it may take a while.

Saivel scanned the page quickly and wondered. Did Valon find this journal? She struck her fist against a nearby tree and felt a sting of pain. He'll pay. He'll pay for killing my father.

Find a suitable knight or the like to gain the title of Chaos Lord. Saivel thought about it. Chaos finds it's way in, well, chaotic ways. Perhaps someone from the island of Xyla shall be chosen...

Chapter Four: Responsibility
Saivel had to stop and pause for a moment. She couldn't just leave her sister alone here! She scolded herself for being a fool.

"Saivel?" Sarine asked, her voice wavering, thin and small as the wind breathed through the tree's leaves and there was the eerie sound like trees talking. Saivel turned abruptly and headed back towards her sister.

Saivel could've sworn she saw a branch move, accompanied by a creaking sound, as she crossed the last few yards and sat down next to Sarine. "What is it, little sister?" she asked softly, gingerly, almost apologetically.

"Where is Mother?"

Saivel froze. She didn't know how to respond to her sister's instinctive question. "Mother... Mother's still at home, Sarine." She tried to smile, but failed, and turned her head away. "We had... another argument."

Sarine was silent for a moment. "Where are we, then, sister?"

"I don't know. But we should leave soon, this place might be dangerous." Worry still crept into Saivel's voice as she faced her sister again. "I said might, so I'll look around a little more, okay?"

"We... do not wish to harm you." It was a long, aged voice, sounding tired and confused. "We... are just trees."

Saivel stood suddenly. "Just trees? Trees don't talk. What sort of creature are you?" She spun around, and that was when she spotted their eyes.

They were large and green, slitted like a cat's, but kind as well. "We... are the Trees of Tarnek. We... talk to you."

"Tarnek... wasn't that the nation that--"

"Yes... the nation of those who spoke." The trees looked at her curiously. "What worries you, young one? You are too young to have worries like ours."

Saivel bit her lip. "I have to go and do something..." She paused as she had an idea. "Trees... Can you watch my sister for me?"

"We... are capable of such a task." One of the trees blinked. A branch lowered down, and somehow shifted into an arm, reaching out it's hand towards Saivel. Amazed, she shook it. "You are welcome."

Saivel smiled. "Thank you, trees." She leapt upwards as the tree's branches parted, opening into the sky. "Goodbye, Sarine," she whispered as she stopped flying for a moment. Just a moment.

And then she leapt higher, until she was nothing but a speck in the sky. Sarine let out a breath, smiled at the trees, and whispered a wish.

"Good luck, sister."

Chapter Five: Xyla
The island of Xyla was a stubborn speck below Saivel. She was still very high up, so it was, well, still a speck. Who knew what was going on down there? Were they attempting to prepare for Valon?

Saivel smirked. They wouldn't have any hope of prevailing against him, without major losses to the island. Orderstone... she shuddered. Even though she was simply a child of the Chaos Lord-to-be, and didn't really have much to do with Chaos, she hated the substance. But she had to go down to Xyla, still.

As she flew down, she wondered about the trees. She hoped that Sarine was okay. Even though she trusted the trees, she was highly aware that other people might stumble across the forest and endanger her.

Thinking about it makes it more likely to happen! she scolded herself. It was just an old superstition, but they all have a base to them, so it did make sense. Only then did she notice she was about to crash into Xyla's castle. Automatically she stopped flying, grabbing onto the balcony she'd nearly crashed into, and eavesdropped.

The king's voice was unmistakable as he spoke to the young knight. "Fuse, this is the Dragonsteel Blade. You have to train so we can at least have hope to defeat Valon."

Fuse nodded and stood. "Thank you, sire."

Saivel paused and looked over at another angle. Hey, wasn't that the... what was his name... Moonknight? she thought to herself. She decided to fly down and check it out.

As soon as she touched the ground, the Moonknight turned and looked at her. "Aren't you... Chaos Lord brood!" He drew his sword, and Saivel flew back, picking a sword out of her knapsack.

"HEY! It was Chaos Lord Valon, not Valion!" she exclaimed, staying out of reach of the Moonknight. He paused.

"Well..." He sheathed his sword again and sighed. "Why are you here, anyway?"

"A last request from my father." She sighed. "I have to choose a new Chaos Lord when Valon is like, defeated."

"Why here? Who are you considering?" The Moonknight gripped his blade tightly.

"Who did you think?" Saivel replied. The Moonknight shrugged.

Saivel laughed. "I know exactly who I'm going to choose. You should know him. One more guess..."

"I really have no idea!" The Moonknight said, frustrated.

"Alright. I'll tell you my choice.

"I choose Fuse."

Other Chain of Thought

Other Chain of Thought

It was rather dark for a summer evening. The figure picked up their sword and swung it in an arc through the air. Heavy breaths sounded, and the grating sound of claws against stone.

It was Galanoth. The dragon reared back in surprise. Galanoth had no such surprise as he leapt forward, when suddenly a voice sounded.

"Galanoth! What are you doing?"

The DragonLord slipped off of his dragon, gripping his sword tightly. "I thought we went over this before..." He sighed. "Whatever. Nice to see you." The DragonLord reached out a hand.

Galanoth took it, shaking the DragonLord's hand vigorously. "I didn't expect you here. I—"

"You were looking for the dragon Naigr?" Galanoth, surprised, nodded. The DragonLord laughed. "Yeah, he's in that cave... over there. He wasn't exactly happy to see me..."

"Well... thank you, Kaime..." Galanoth added, under his breath, "I guess."

"Actually, I was going to go pay him a visit. I wouldn't mind if you came along." Galanoth looked shocked again.

"Why would you?..."

"I have a bit of a grudge against him myself." Kaime stared straight ahead. "Well, are you coming or not?"

"Of course." Galanoth mounted his horse and soon a small dust cloud rose above the area. No one talked as they rode. They didn't talk even as they came up to the mouth of the cave. Rather, someone else talked.

"Don't be a fool, Naigr. We're offering you protection from the other dragons... None of which like you." It was a female voice, definitely not a dragon's.

"Why would I accept? You are such a pompous bunch. Just because you are Prime—"

"Shush!" It was the girl again. "Don't you sense it? Two people, outside... and a dragon." There was a pause. "Ah. A DragonLord and his Dragon."

Kaime automatically stiffened. How could somebody know all that? he wondered, stopping for a moment before nudging his dragon closer. "Come on, Dracomaar."

Galanoth shrugged and followed. They barely made a sound, but it was enough for Naigr to peek his head out.

Naigr cursed. "You forgot the DragonSlayer."

"Of course I didn't forget him, Naigr, I expected him. He was... motivation." The girl's voice turned sinister. "What do you say?"

"No." Naigr's voice was edged with hate. "I'll never say yes. You should know that."

"It looks like we got our hopes up for nothing." It was a deep voice, a dragon's. In a flurry, four dragons flew out of the cave, too fast for the eye to see except for a green, blue, red, and white colored blur. Then another majestic dragon rode out, somebody on it's back, their hood up.

"Who are you?" Kaime shouted (it was quite a distance to the cave).

"Why should I tell you?" The girl replied scornfully. "Naigr is yours for the taking. In fact, I made it a bit easier." Her dragon readied it's wings for flight and she put her hood on.

"YOU ARE FOOLS!" Naigr hissed, when suddenly Dracomaar tilted Kaime off of his back and leapt up, snagging the girl's dragon's tail.

"Why you—" the girl snapped, her eyes blazing as she glared at Dracomaar. Her dragon looked up at her, blinking.

"Oh, don't be such a fool," her dragon said.

"Fine." The girl rolled her eyes. "Get your dragon off."

Kaime nodded. "Dracomaar, come back here." He took his Dragon Amulet out of his knapsack. It shone dully—the moon had risen, and even though it was a crescent moon, the light reflected was bright. Dracomaar nodded and retreated. The girl sighed.

"What do you want?" she snapped, folding her arms crossly. Her armor gleamed under a black cloak.

"First, your name," Galanoth stated simply, interrupting Kaime as he opened his mouth to speak.

"My name is... The Elder Priestess."

Kaime scoffed. "What sort of name is that?"

"The name dragons give." The Elder Priestess tapped her finger impatiently against her forearm. "Well?"

"Who's your dragon? Why are you here?" Kaime replied promptly.

"Dracosani. I'm also here to talk to Naigr, and our conversation is over." The Elder Priestess flicked some stray hair absently.

"Who were those dragons?" Kaime added.

The Elder Priestess' eyes flashed. "That... is not a question somebody like you should ever know the answer to." She twirled some of her hair and sighed. "The Prime Dragons. That's all I'm going to answer. Goodbye." Without warning, Dracosani took flight, and The Elder Priestess' hood fell off, revealing her face for a split second before she flew into a dark shadow.

Galanoth had still been able to see her face, and recognize it. That girl...

Galanoth had been staying at an inn for the moment, bored and out of anything to do at the moment. He fiddled with his sword absently as he sat at a chair near the hearth. There was a marked absence of people around him.

A girl walked up to him—apparently The Elder Priestess. "Why are you here?" she asked bluntly. Galanoth was taken by surprise.

"I had to stay somewhere," he replied curtly.

"The people here love dragons. This village is named after dragons. In legends, it was said the Prime Dragons alighted here. But even you would not be as foolish as to try and slay the Prime Dragons."

Galanoth sat up straighter. "Well, then, I hope there will be others to hunt."

The girl glared at him. "The only one around here is Naigr. No one likes him much. He's a bit of a loner. He lives on the Salted Plains, in a cave on the very edge. There are dragon footprints, as he doesn't bother getting rid of them."

"Why are you telling me this?" Galanoth stood up and picked up his sword, turning it's blade slightly so it caught the light.

"Because that's the only useful thing you'll probably do for this town." The girl turned before pausing. "My name is Saivel." Then she walked away.

Galanoth yelled her name. "Saivel!"

Dracosani abruptly stopped. "Well, that was a foolish move. He has a better memory than you expected."

"Oh, CENSORED. up, Dracosani! I can't know everything." Saivel turned to face him. "I'm not stopping to talk to you. So, quite simply... Goodbye." She smiled and then flew off finally. "See you at Swordhaven."

Kaime opened his mouth to speak before stopping. "Well then," he muttered, "I guess we'll go to Swordhaven."

Galanoth nodded mutely.

Soon there was nothing left on the Salted Plains, the only sounds the groans of a chained dragon. The only sight...

A solitary figure, a white tiger, growling slightly and snarling as it leapt backwards to free the dragon.

And then there was truly nothing.

(BTW, this is gonna be set at no specific time period. However, it will be before the Chaos storyline. Like, not too far before but whatever.)

"Clarify," said King Alteon, as Kaime stood in front of him. "You came all the way here from the Salted Plains because some girl told you she would meet you here?"

"Sir, she appears to be alleged with the Prime Dragons." This alarmed King Alteon, who sat up straighter in his throne.

Disbelieving, he asked, "What?"

At this point there was a knock on the door. Kaime paused. Galanoth strode over and opened it.

"Who sent this letter?" Warlic asked, holding an envelope in his hand, staff in the other. "Apparently, we all received it."

Beleen, Cysero, and Artix nodded. King Alteon raised his eyebrow.

"How am I supposed to know?" Kaime replied, shrugging. "Although, of course... hey, can I look at that?" Without waiting for a reply, he took Warlic's envelope out of his hand and looked over the letter sealed inside.

King Alteon's Throne Room, Swordhaven, 4 PM sharp.

~The Elder Priestess

"Oh, so she signed it with her alias?" Kaime wondered aloud to himself.

"Apparently. I think this 'Saivel' character is not one to be trusted." Galanoth shrugged as the beat of wings overpowered all other sounds. The dragon Dracosani landed on the balcony.

"Hello!" Saivel cried cheerfully, sliding carefully off of Dracosani, who grunted and eyed the congregation suspiciously. Her cloak fluttered lightly in the breeze. "Nice to see you all decided to group here because of my letter and notification."

"That's why that name was familiar..." King Alteon mumbled.

"What was that—Sir?" Galanoth hastily added.

"You're the sister of Silvia, aren't you?" King Alteon leaned forward. His tone was hateful.

"Oh, Silvia, what a great fool she was! I offered her power, I offered her glory—"

"You offered her Evil." King Alteon narrowed his eyes. "She was my best warrior. Where is she now?"

"Do you think I would know?" Saivel replied harshly. "Silvia snapped. After gaining the ability to CENSORED., she went insane. She's chasing after me now, and I'm not even running away. Business with the Primes is awfully busy."

"Just wondering, anyone else here know Saivel?" Kaime asked, trying to break up the death match between Saivel and Alteon. Warlic nodded mutely.

"I... considered Saivel as a student. She was smart, willing to learn, a Brilhado nonetheless—"

"Wait. Brilhado?" Kaime stared at Saivel. "Take off that cloak, then."

Saivel sighed. "Gaah, I should've known my past would end up catching up to me..." She rolled her eyes and untied her cloak, which fell slowly to the ground. Her wings were a brilliant white at the top, at the middle like fire, but at the bottom...

"Those aren't any normal wings," Kaime noted, but that was an understatement. Her wings stopped being feathered and turned to the red scales of a dragon.

"How is that even possible?" Galanoth queried, quite surprised.

"You changed." Warlic's voice was soft and almost no one heard him. Saivel nodded.

"I found the dragons. They needed somebody as their... spokesperson. That's the closest thing I can think of. They gave me gifts—Dracosani, one of their daughters, as a companion, but my wings... my wings were a punishment." Saivel sighed. "A mistake the first time I met them. A dragon by the name of Desoloth."

(LOL! Link-in to storyline, randomness.)


"He grew insane. He was kind of already, but when I... ehem... got a bit too harsh, he just snapped." Saivel shrugged. "Weeeell, I guess it worked out anyway... ish."

King Alteon sighed. "I could throw you in prison right now."

"Yeah, and it would end like last time." A live flame appeared in Saivel's hand. "So?"

"Why did you even gather us all together here?" Artix inquired.

"Something is coming. Something horrible." Saivel paused. "Something I met before."

There was a blinding flash of light as the white tiger appeared in the room, snarling.

"Hello, Saivel." The tiger smiled just a moment before it leaped.

The tiger leapt straight for Saivel, who drew her sword. Saivel's sword was made out of a metal that burned the tiger when it touched her.

"Silvia!" Saivel yelled. "I didn't expect you to be here so soon." The tiger snarled, shaking its head violently.

"I would follow you anywhere to... repay you." Silvia smiled eerily, her dark eyes glinting in the reflected light of Saivel's blade.

"STEP BACK!" A voice yelled as a wall of darkness slammed straight into Silvia, crashing her into the nearest pillar. A girl landed heavily on the floor, pure black wings spread behind her to cushion her fall.

"Caraxa!" Saivel and Silvia said it in unison—Saivel's tone of joyful surprise, Silvia's of hate. Caraxa stood up and flicked her hair away from her face. Her hair was jet black like Saivel's.

"Long time no see, sister." Caraxa grinned widely. Everybody except Saivel stared in confusion. The wall of darkness disappeared and Silvia nimbly dodged Saivel's blade.

"I see you still prefer not to use a sword," Saivel remarked as Caraxa CENSORED. a blast of flame that licked at Silvia's feet. Kaime decided to join the fight, unsheathing his sword.

"Oh, finally!" Caraxa groaned as she spotted Kaime running towards them. Saivel and Caraxa stepped aside as Kaime slashed wildly at Silvia. However, Silvia was quick enough to leap backwards and turn back into a girl. Her wings were pure white, and her hair was also streaked with white. She grabbed her staff (she uses a staff, not a sword) and blocked Kaime's next attack. Her staff's handle was made out of an icy cold metal.

"DragonBreath Steel still, Saivel?" Silvia sounded patronising. "Tsk, tsk. I've finally found a replacement for that enchanted metal I used to use."

"Arctic Iron..." Saivel's eyes widened. "So that's..."

"Of course! When you decided to take a small sample, I was the leopard seal that attacked you. Not exactly my favorite form." Silvia wheeled around and kicked Kaime in the stomach, talking all the while.

Kaime stumbled back. Saivel produced two bows and quivers from her knapsack, tossing one of each to Caraxa, who looked questioningly towards her. Saivel nodded as they flew slowly upwards, getting ready to fire their arrows. Silvia was still preoccupied with Kaime.

"Kaime! Keep her busy!" Saivel yelled, her eyes narrowing as she focused on aiming her arrow. Kaime slashed downwards on Silvia's staff's handle only to leap back when his hand felt numb.

"What the?..." he wondered, but had no more time as Silvia nearly smashed his head in with the tip of her staff—blue, sharp-edged gems bearing down on him yet again as he dodged and attempted to block.

Caraxa and Saivel let their arrows fly. They were being careful not to overly harm Silvia, and as such Caraxa's simply nicked her hand, causing her to leap back and drop the staff. Saivel's caused the staff to spin away from Silvia.

"Agh!" Silvia spat, reaching for her staff as Kaime kicked it away and thrust his sword forward. The staff came to a halt in front of King Alteon's throne.

Silvia smiled. "Kaime, you're a fool."

"Kaime! Move the staff!" Saivel yelled, panicking, but Silvia already had focused her magic and the staff's gems burst into bright light...

Those standing nearby the staff, except Warlic, were encased in glimmering ice. Silvia smiled.

"They'll only last for three days in there, you know, and it's not going to be easy without my willing help." Silvia started running for the staff, but a blast of magic pinned her to the opposite wall.

"Kaime, get the staff. With that kind of mana expenditure, I don't think she'll be able to cast anything through that for a while." Warlic's staff was raised, it's gem glowing brightly. Kaime nodded and picked up the staff. A chill ran through him as he picked it up by the handle, so he found a piece of cloth and covered his hand with it.

"Fine, I won't be able to cast anything through the staff for three days also," Silvia hissed, writhing under the bindings of the spell. "Let me go."

Warlic decided to do so. Silvia dropped to the floor, turned into a hummingbird, and quickly darted away, just a bright flash of color. Caraxa and Saivel carefully landed on the floor. Saivel gave Caraxa a hug.

"Where have you been all this time, sister? I though that you might have gotten into worse trouble than usual!" Caraxa smiled at her sister's remark, and finally laughed.

"I decided to train my elemental skills. However, I'm not rubbish at other stuff. I just like to have my hands free, though." Caraxa shrugged. "'Course, sometimes a sword or staff is useful, so I have those on hand too."

"What metal is it made out of?"

"The sword is made out of Nightmare's Steel." Caraxa unsheathed it. "My staff's handle is made out of the same." Her staff had black opals set in it, which seemed to suck the light from the room, as it was dimmer than it had been before she arrived. "Shade's Opals."

"Well, my staff has to be in here somewhere..." Saivel looked into her knapsack and picked out a staff, with rubies decorating it. When she turned it around, the gems caught the light and actually burst into flame. "LightFlame Rubies and DragonBreath Steel."

Kaime looked curiously at the two. "I've never even heard of those things before..."

Saivel put her staff back in her knapsack. "They're very, very old... the Brilhado know about them. We generally keep them a secret except for people we trust very much... these things can be dangerous in the wrong hands. For example, DragonBreath Steel can be highly volatile if you have a lot of it and some ice..."

"And don't keep Nightmare's Steel out in sunlight for too long... it starts... em... making undead sprout out of the ground." Caraxa shuffled her feet.

Warlic sighed. "And yet, your kind still trusts you with these precious metals and gems."

"Well, you already knew about them." Saivel shrugged. "Besides, it's hard to find a lot of the metals and gems. They're extremely rare."

"Why are we still standing around here talking if people's lives are at risk?" Kaime asked, sounding annoyed.

"That is a valid point," Caraxa replied. She paused. "Well then, I suppose we'll get to it."

"Right. First sto—... oh." Saivel paused. "Oh. Snap."

Caraxa thought about it for a moment and her face relayed the same expression. "Well, isn't that just our luck."

Kaime tapped his foot. "What?"

Warlic sighed. "In order to reverse this spell, the first place we have to go is..."

Kaime glared at them. "Seriously, finish your sentences."

Caraxa sighed. "Saivel, you say it."

"Our first stop..." Saivel paused. "Is Melern's kingdom, the kingdom of lost souls. And you should know the name they call the forest he stays in...

"The Forest of Shadows."
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Chapter Six: Gone
To make the understatement of... not a century... an eon, the Moonknight was surprised.

After this initial shock, he immediately started yelling at Saivel.

"Are you crazy?! He's being trained by the king to fight against Chaos, and you decided to make him Chaos Lord?! You're not even considering how Fuse will feel about all of this! You can't just go around deciding who does who and who dies and who..."

"Oh, shut up!" Saivel groaned, creating a barrier of wind that flung the Moonknight backwards. It took him a little while to get back up the hill... and he continued yelling.

"No, I would rather prefer not to shut up, Saivel! In fact, what's to stop me from telling the King about you being here?"

Saivel realized that the Moonknight had a fair point. She didn't exactly have a wish to blast her way out of the castle... seeing as she was counting on Xyla to take care of Valon... So... she had to find a reason. But what could possibly work as a reason?... She stopped for a moment when she thought about who the Moonknight was...

"...And do you really know who you are..."

The Moonknight paused. "O-of course!"

But he had stuttered. How much had that blast damaged him, even as it reinforced him as well? "You don't, do you?"

The Moonknight gritted his teeth. "Well, what about it?"

"I know... but you have to keep my arrival a secret." Saivel knew this was a tricky business... maybe the Moonknight was afraid of his identity?

"You had a perfect chance to kill me, but you didn't. For that alone I trust that my identity is not... harmful." The Moonknight paused. "Oh yes, and... Saivel, may I ask you a question?"

There was a silence for a moment. "What is it?"

"...Your father should've been the Chaos Lord... so why is it Valon instead?"

"Missing, presumed dead, is the official thing... but we felt his death. We all did. Even if he is still alive, if he does not remember... then he is not the heir."

"...Ah. Thank you." The Moonknight turned and walked away. Saivel sat down on the green hill and ran her fingers through the grass. How long before Valon came and ruined this beautiful isle?

How long... before she carried out the deal with the Moonknight...


The truth...

How could she tell it...

...She couldn't.

I'm sorry, Father...
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Saivel's Backstory Empty Re: Saivel's Backstory

Post by no mom its ironic on Sat May 26, 2012 6:21 pm

Chapter Seven: Snow

Saivel woke up abruptly. The ice was polished and shone like glass--she could see her own reflection in it. Scrabbling desperately against the smooth surface, she stood up.

No. It was too early. Valon couldn't be here that quickly. She widened her eyes in horror. She had only spent a few days here. Had his power grown that quickly?

The answer to that was no. The taint of chaos filled the air, feeling like it was suffocating her. Chaos. Of course it had decided to do this. Its mind was in chaos, as well--it seemed unaware that if chaos took over the world, well, it would be... complete chaos.

Which would not be chaos.

It was one of those stupid paradoxes. Saivel took in a breath, shuddering with the cold. She pulled a thicker coat out from her knapsack and put it on.

It was spring! Valon would be coming along himself quickly. First of all, she would have to check on the Orderstone.

Just the mention of the name made her shiver even further than the cold. She was a child of chaos--Orderstone? Hahahaha NO.

Well, it would be necessary for this whole plan to work. For once, Saivel cursed her father.

The Moonknight ran up the hill, sliding a bit on the ice. "And what do you call this?" he asked, sounding a bit peeved.

"The introduction."

The snow began coming down, covering the island in a coat of white as Saivel started to dig deeper down until she came to one of the veins of liquid Orderstone. She brushed a hand against it accidentally--it felt like her hand was burnt.

Waving the hand in the cold air, she assessed the situation. It was still a pearly white color, with some stains of blue, and a fairly fast current. He had not included the Orderstone in the introduction.

Suddenly one flake of snow fell in the hole. First began a splotch of purple as Saivel watched in horror. Slowly it began to spread.

He had included it. No wonder the snow somehow seemed welcome to her.

She was a child of chaos, she was comfortable in the snow--or rather the small pieces of chaos energy, colored white, and Valon had known she would be coming.

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Saivel's Backstory Empty Re: Saivel's Backstory

Post by no mom its ironic on Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:24 pm

Chapter Eight: Whispers
It was snowing outside. Still snowing outside would be the correct sentence. Or raining flakes of chaos energy. However you wanted it to be put.

Saivel covered up the hole as quickly as she could. The damage was already done, the energy would be spreading through all of those thick veins of Orderstone. His coming had already been inevitable, but now more fear came before it.

The king. Saivel nearly smacked herself. The king was the most important part in this race to try and slow down--or possibly even kill--Valon. Valon would know that. Of course he would know that.

The Moonknight had been confused. Saivel had tried to calm him down, tried to say something... but all he ended up taking in was 'it's raining chaos.' At which point he kind of started staring at her with disbelief.

She had been able to convince him not to tell the king. That could send the whole place in a panic.

Panicked places do not do defense well, even if they fight well. But in order for Saivel to be able to thereby make it so that Fuse would become the Chaos Lord, it would take a few, very annoying, steps. The pain. Especially since steps... were... so... stupid... orderly. Have you ever seen anything more neatly ordered than steps? I haven't.

Saivel started by 'whispering'. Implanting. Saying words to people, little ideas. Little things that took root in the mind.

A perfect gift for those who were aligned with Chaos.

To whisper is hard to do, unless you are stealthy or skilled in magic. Saivel was of both types. She had whispered before, part of the darker things she partook in.

So she started. And though he was completely unaware, Fuse was being prepped for first destroying a Chaos Lord...

and then becoming one.

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no mom its ironic
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Saivel's Backstory Empty Re: Saivel's Backstory

Post by no mom its ironic on Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:54 am

I've decided to name the previous 'Other Chain of Thought' 'Burn a Dead Fire'.


It was a cold night. As Kaime sighed into the crisp air, a cloud of steam billowed out from his mouth.

"What's so bad about this stupid forest?" He said boredly. There were too many trees and such, so he had been told not to bring Dracomaar.

"Oh, you don't know Melern," Saivel uttered, slightly irritable. Her voice was almost darkening the already black velvet night.

"Look, if we keep on avoiding the subject, we're getting an uninformed help. And uninformed helps... are not helpful. At all." Caraxa shuddered a bit and pulled her cloak tighter around her.

The gems of Warlic's staff glowed with a comforting light that somehow seemed to be swallowed by the depths of the forest ahead. This did nothing to raise Kaime's spirits. His companion's faces were grim.

And then he saw it.

It was like a shadow, dancing.

Saivel automatically drew her sword. It burst into flame, illuminating the clearing further.

More shadows. What was casting them?

Kaime looked around, a sense of dread looming over him. The shadows were staying away from the light that both Warlic and Saivel were casting, but they were still too close for comfort.

Then there was the voice.

"Hello, little ones. Caraxa, Saivel... ah. That powerful presence... Warlic. And who's this? A little, unfamiliar DragonLord. Mind introducing me?" The voice was silky smooth and laughing, as if it thought they were pitiful compared to it.

Saivel gave Kaime a look that said, quite simply, 'Stay quiet.' "We have our own business, Melern. Stay out of it."

"Why does something tell me that you're not going to stay out of mine?" With that, a man appeared in the clearing. His cloak drained the pale light falling upon him, his eyes were almost black, and his hair was a brilliant red. The smile he wore from ear to ear chilled Kaime to his core. It was clearly fake, as if he had sighted his prey. The strange newcomer cast no shadow.

"I see you're still practicing your 'shadowforms', aren't you?" Caraxa glared daggers at the red-haired man, who Kaime decided was probably Melern, though his appearance seemed... rather unfitting. As Melern snapped his fingers, the shadows gathered around him in a crown of darkness, moving as he moved.

The shadows flickered, performing a strange dance as Melern's hair faded into a darker color, almost black, his eyes a deep green. "How did you recognize that one? You're ruining all of my fun."

"I met him. Watched him die. I learned much more than anyone else knows about you that day." Saivel had the same cold gaze as Caraxa.

"And ArchMage. To what do I owe this pleasantry?" Melern made a mocking bow. Warlic was silent for a moment.

The light from his staff seemed to glow a little stronger. "Silvia."

The single name seemed to flash fear across Melern's face for a beautiful moment. Kaime almost smirked, but Melern then turned to him with very hard eyes. Even knowing that Dracomaar would probably not fit with the low canopy, Kaime wished the dragon was here.

"A DragonLord. One I don't know. And yet you seem... familiar." If it was even possible, Melern's gaze became harder. "Who are you? Why are you here?"

Before Kaime could answer, Saivel butted in. "His name is Kaime. He was there when something... bad happened. Something Silvia's fault."

The same expression seemed to flash across Melern's face, but Kaime realized it was hatred. Pure hatred. It stayed now as Melern scowled visibly at Saivel.

"I thought that I could trust you with being the caretaker, but no, you had to just throw her in prison--a weak one, no less--and then you're running away from her? Now she does some horrible deed and you expect me to help you?"

"It's not my fault you had to play 'Lord of the Forest' and decided that you just didn't have the time to guard Silvia properly! I had things to do to, and you just shoved my weakling, stupid sister on me!"

"You two! Mouths! Closed!" As Melern and Saivel blatantly started to disobey Caraxa's shouted order, she added one more threatening word. "Now!"

They both stared at her.

Kaime was... slightly confused. "Um... so... what exactly is going on here?"

Caraxa gave Melern and Saivel a 'Don't you even think about it' glare and turned to Kaime. "The first place Silvia went after she snapped is this forest here. After a... bit of trouble... Melern was her caretaker. This was back when he lived in an old, old village, long gone now.

"But then, he found something. Old--no, ancient. Forgotten. It had so much power... and he took the shadows, or rather souls, for his servants. He ruled the forest, the people died.

"And suddenly he couldn't take care of Silvia anymore. He gave the responsibility of taking care of her to Saivel, who was kind of overloaded by a lot of requests from the Primes and stuff, so she... discreetly put Silvia in prison. And then, well, she escaped and... yeah." Caraxa finished her story and looked back at Saivel and Melern, who quit the staring contest they had apparently started while Caraxa filled Kaime in.

Kaime looked around to do a head count for a moment. Warlic was still there, though he had been silent. Perhaps he hadn't known that, though Kaime doubted it.

Melern blew out a breath. "Fine. I'll help you. What happened?"

"You know how Silvia likes ice? And how she can cast magic... through her staff?" Saivel replied.

"Of course I do."

"Yeaaaah... People... near staff... ice..."

"She didn't."

"Oh yes she did."


"Three. Artix, King Alteon, Beleen."

Melern shook his head. "Fine, it's very serious. I'll help you for no charge at all."

"Huh? Isn't King Alteon... like... you know... your enemy?" Caraxa said sarcastically.

"Well, without him, I'd get bored too easily. What do you need? It's getting too close to dawn for my comfort." Melern looked to the horizon.

Saivel sighed, closing her eyes for a moment before coming with the reply. "Your orb."


"Your orb. Y'know, the shadowy one? The one you have in a niche in your cloak right now?"

"I hate you."

"Good to know the feeling's mutual."

"Just be quiet!" Caraxa cried in frustration. "Orb. Give."

Sighing, Melern reluctantly plucked the orb from the niche in his cloak and walked away, dragging his feet on the ground. "Fine. Whatever. Be glad that I'm that concerned with not being bored."

He disappeared from sight as the first glimpse of sunlight peered upwards from the horizon, shocking Kaime with the amount of light it shed.

"One down, two million to go," Saivel said cheerily, checking off one with a pen produced from her knapsack. Kaime gave her a disbelieving look. "I was kidding. There's three. All equally annoying to get, but probably more dangerous."

"You weren't in fear of getting..." Kaime paused for thought. "How does a shadow kill you anyway?"

"They're not shadows. They're souls." Warlic sighed and took the list from Saivel, scanning the rest of the contents before neatly rolling it up and smiling a bit. "You're calling me annoying?" he said slightly indignantly.

"When you don't get your morning coffee," Saivel teased. Warlic looked at her disapprovingly, and since he was taller, it did prove such.

"Speaking of coffee... What Saivel said is quite true for me." Caraxa sighed. "Let's take a small rest? We didn't sleep."

"You have a point, sister, and I take it. Alright." Saivel rummaged a little in her knapsack and pulled out a compass. "Um... so Swordhaven is... and..." She put the compass back in the knapsack. "We should be able to make it to Battleon quickly. In about thirty minutes."

"Alright." Kaime fidgeted with his Dragon Amulet for a bit. He would be glad to see Dracomaar again. "Anyways, what's left on the list?"

"I hate Silvia so much." Saivel's voice was not filled with hate... it was instead filled with... sadness?

"She chooses places far apart and places very... ...annoying. Our old home has an item which we'll use." Caraxa took over speaking for Saivel.

"'Old home'?" Kaime inquired.

"Oh... the thing is... Silvia snapped at home.

"That was the day our parents died."

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Saivel's Backstory Empty Re: Saivel's Backstory

Post by no mom its ironic on Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:07 pm

Crap, got writer's block. Neutral

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Saivel's Backstory Empty Re: Saivel's Backstory

Post by Andrew on Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:18 pm

That hit me too.

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Saivel's Backstory Empty Re: Saivel's Backstory

Post by no mom its ironic on Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:19 pm

Caraxa sighed as she dropped some gold coins on the counter of the inn. Kaime looked at her questioningly.

"Where's Saivel?"

Caraxa replied, not looking at him, "In her room. Warlic went to his shop for now."

"Alright." Kaime turned and leaned on the counter. "I think I'll go see Dracomaar, if I can find a big enough area."

"Well, Greenguard Forest is nearby, and big. Meh." Caraxa sighed. "Now if you don't mind, I'll be going somewhere."

"Alright." Kaime turned around and found that the door disliked him when something thumped loudly against it. "I'm going to assume that's... not nice."

"Not nice... at all." She sighed. "Well, then again, this is Lore, pretty much everything that goes 'thump' isn't nice."

He pushed the door open and found a... bird.

"How the heck did a bird?..."

"Oh, it's one of those birds. Don't mind it, probably thought the window wasn't there. Small, but it's in the door and schtuffs. Meh."

Kaime shrugged. Not a surprise, birds do that sometimes. Not a lot anymore, they're probably used to that by now...

Saivel descended the staircase and was suddenly standing next to Kaime, looking at the bird. "It's... very dead."

"Yeah, I noticed that."

"No, I mean it's been dead for a while. Well-preserved though. Someone lobbed it at the door."

Kaime automatically recoiled. "Eww."

"Don't be such a wuss. It's completely free of anything disease-related."

"It's a dead thing. Okay?"

"You're an adventure, you're what KILLS things!"

"It's a bird!"

"Ever encountered a Razorwing?"

Kaime was going to speak but shut himself up. She had a very valid point.

"Fine," he grumbled. "I'm going to my room now."

Saivel had a sneaky look on her face as she stepped outside. Caraxa gave her a withering look but decided to let off on her.

There was another thumping sound and a squeak, which presumably came from Kaime. Laughter and then a yell.


"It's only fair!"

Caraxa kept her expression perfectly neutral as Saivel attempted--mind you, attempted--to throw the bird at Kaime.

In the end she did get a bit frustrated and burned the bird.

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