Lifeless poems

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Lifeless poems

Post by da rox on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:58 am

As rain pours down over his face he looks up too see the ever so saddening clouds cover the hopes he had once known. As he looks down he sees his injured wrists they seem to scream for relief of this life as each seem to heal he looks ahead and starts his journey toward a path of pain and sorrow for the one person he cared for the most has given up on him,he had no salvation to turn to but the lord he pleaded and pleaded to him for a sign then he realizes a face he had seen before ....her face had never been so beautiful to him and after his wrists healed and began to smile... his salvation then became vile he finally gets the nerve to ask for her salvation he begs and pleads over and over ... she gives up and tells the boy her salvation is his his life is then brite and the clouds no longer cover and as everything was better he found the ugly truth....her salvation was never really his and was just for pity sake the boy pleaded and pleaded to his maker but still there was no answer he then looks to the sky for hope but the sky no longer exists he looks to his wrists for a comfortting touch but all they do is push him away and bleed their bloody tears so theres the story of the lonesom boy searching for some kind of salvation that will never come.

your lucky sora because it seems my summer vacation is...over..

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