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Hatred of Love Empty Hatred of Love

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:21 pm

It was cold that day in Chicago, the temperature had peaked at 22 degrees fahrenheit.
This was nothing new to Dr. Stemson, he enjoyed the cold weather along with a cup of coffee to warm him up after walking to his car in the frigid weather. What he did not enjoy was having to work on saturdays, saturday was his day off. Unfortunately his supervisor Dr. Carol Shawp called him with and urgent matter that he had to take care of right then and there. Sitting in his car at a red light he looked straight ahead to the mental hospital he worked at. About six blocks away he could see Dr. Shawp pacing nervously in front of the main doors wearing only her flimsy dress suit. Dr. Stenson raised an eyebrow in an amused manor. As soon as the light turned green he drove to the hospital and pulled up to Dr. Shawp.

"Hey there....you try'n to freeze or something?"

Carol looked up in surprise.

"Stenson get up to your office now! There's a you boy wh-"

Dr. Stenson got out of the car and left the door open as he walked towards the automatic doors of the hosptial.

"There's always a boy or girl isn't there?"

Carol stomped and threw her hands downwards in an annoyed gesture.

"You didn't let me finish!!!!"

Dr. Stenson kept walking and threw his now empty coffee cup into a nearby trash can.

"Yeah, Yeah.....Don't scratch my car..."

Dr. Stenson walked into the hospital as Carol stared at him in anger. He scowl was soon replaced with worry as she got into the car to park it.

"I hope he can help this boy..."

Dr. Stenson got into the elevator leading up to his office and nodded to an older gentleman who had walked in seconds before him.

"What floor child?"

Dr. Stenson looked at the old man

"Child? Heh, that's a laugh...I'm going to six."

The old man smiled and pressed the number six button.

Dr. Stenson looked at the only other button that was lit up on the console.

"Floor 47 eh? Going to talk to Dr. Cole eh?"

"Why yes! She has helped me with my fear of women. I used to be so afraid tha-"

"Uh huh cool story....I'm assuming you're her 10:30..."

"Oh yes...And If you're one second late she will not see you!"

Dr. Stenson looked at his watch and saw that it was 10:26.

The elevator doors opened and Dr. Stenson stepped out of the Elevator.

"Oh wait one more thing!"

Dr. Stenson stepped back into the elevator and pressed all the buttons below the 47 button.

"There's a child for ya...Have a good day!"

Dr. Stenson winked at the old man as the doors closed.

Dr. Stenson walked into his office and saw a young man sitting if front of his desk.

"Hey there kid...I'm Dr. Stenson.....You can call me Mark."


"First things first....What's your name?"

The boy just smirked and slumped into his chair.

"....Oooooookay.....Let me intro duce you to- What the hell?! What thappened to my mice?"

Dr. Stenson rushed over to a small tank an observed two dead mice.


"I killed them."


"They were in love"

Dr. Stenson stared at the boy in shock.

"What is your name?"


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Post by Guest on Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:11 pm

Dr. Stenson still in shock turned back to his mice and picked one of the up and observed that it was flattened completely.
"Why the hell would you do this?!"
The boy kicked his feet onto Dr. Stensons desk

"Why the F*** wouldn't I?"

"Maybe you don't understand...."
Dr. Stenson picked up a small piece of paper and threw it at the boy
The boy brushed it off of his shirt yawned
"I read it...'nd that's why I killed 'em.."
"What? Wait...."
Dr. Stenson thought back to what the boy said just a few moments before.
Dr. Stenson picked the paper up and began to read it.
"....'Mr. and Mrs. Big. Married for two years and having children soon!' made you want to kill them?!"

"I think that's what I just said..."

Dr. Stenson thought about what had transpired in the last few minutes.
"Well, you sound like you're F***** up...."
Dr. Stenson sat down at his desk and rubbed his face in frustration.
"This is gonna be a loooooong day...."
Carol walked into the office and handed Dr. Stenson the keys to his car.
"So...how is everything going?"
"Who left him in here alone?"
"Thought so...C'mere....Lemme show you something.."
Dr. Stenson grabbed Carol's arm and led her over to the small tank that Mr and Mrs. Bid lived in before their untimely deaths.
"What are y- OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED!?"
"Well...you see that?"
Dr. Stenson pointed to the young boy as he waved back at them.
"He couldn't have....."
"Oh yes...he could...and he did!!!"
Carol walked over to the boy.
"But why?!"
"He said, 'Cuz they we're in love'...I mean...WHAT THE HELL?!"

"Calm down Stenson....That's why you're here....to help him."

"How 'bout....no!"
Dr. Stenson began to walk out of his office.
Dr. Stenson froze and slowly turned around like a child about to be punished.
"Who got you the job you have now hmm? You are the youngest shrink in the country right now, 17 years old! I have worked to hard to get you into the best mental hospital in the world for this little attitude of yours, and don't try the "I'm a year younger than you!" card. It may have worked on your last boss but it won't work on me! And if you think for one second that you got here on your own I will murder you....If you ruin this I will murder you....If you fail with this patient I will murder you!"
Soo...How 'bout...Yes...hmm, how 'bout that?"

"Yes Ma'am.."
"Very good."
Carol smiled and walked out of the office brushing past Dr. Stenson as she did.
Dr. Stenson flinched as Carol walked past him thinking she was going to hurt him.
The boy was amused at the sight of Dr. Stensons terrified face.
"I like her! Does she do that a lot?"
"Is she your boss or something?"
"Yes...she is..."
"Well I've been to like every shrink like ever....and they can't fix me..So why the hell are you gonna try?"
"Two reasons....One, I will Die if I don't and Two, I'm more than a normal shrink..."
"Uh huh...Well I hope you fail...."
Dr. Stenson gave a sharp look of anger to the boy as he pulled a pen and note pad from a drawer in his desk.
"Now, your name kid?"
"Your mom."
Dr. Stenson reached his left hand towards the boy as he placed his right on his right temple.
"Ah, your name is Ren."
"How the hell did you..?"
Ren removed his feet from the desk and stared at Dr. Stenson.
Dr. Stenston returned to his normal state and smirked at Ren as the both said in unison.
"Not a normal shrink."
Ren became uncomfortable.
"So you can read minds....What Am I thinking right now."
"Yeah, I can and.....Wow, that's not nice...."
Dr. Stenson stood up and grabbed his coat.
"Yeah, let's go get some food..."
"I didn't say anyth-- Oh...Fine."
"We'll go Burger Tyrant...But....You'll have to talk to me....I don't want to die..."
Ren smirked as he followed Dr. Stenson out of the office.
"You are a little jerk...Okay that was kinda funny...."
Dr. Stenson knew that Ren wouldn't be easy to read, sensing a deep hatred of unity and even love itself within Ren's mind Dr. Stenson hoped to soften the boy before asking anything else.

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Post by Gunther Magnuson on Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:20 pm

What? I kinda wanna see more but...

I don't know about this Kick...
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Hatred of Love Empty Re: Hatred of Love

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