Fragments of Sorrow

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Fragments of Sorrow

Post by Lowell on Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:32 pm

Fragments of Sorrow/Stories of Ourselves
Walking down that path, that desolate street,
Forever wandering with no path concrete,
Thoughts flash through, as I begin to remember,
How one mistake led many asunder.

The Darkness so inherent in everyone’s hearts,
Quite often, sadly, never departs.
Others are brought down because they are naîve,
Punishments brought upon, never relieved.

One, alone, can be endured,
Two, together, forever bicker,
Always thinking of each other as solely the cause,
Of why things, to them, are but simply a pause.

Builds character, they say, trying to look good,
Insolent fools, just another insolent brood.

Far too long a time have I seen,
In places I’ve gone, in places I’ve been,
The many dredges wallowing about, slaving,
The eager presents, the eager ocean ever waving.

Encapturing the sorrow I felt,
While I watched them burn, watched them melt,
As every fruit was deem’d unworthy,
Is a task, not many, would think a task of mercy.

And yet a certain anger awashes over me,
As I watch the millions just be under that threatening tree,
An anger directed towards those in power,
An forever-lasting anger, ‘till the eleventh hour.

Power ever held, every controlling;
All those who grasp it, forever holding.

Souls forever detached, forever unaware,
That their mindless hearts forever despair,
For pride walks its path in minds insecure,
Leading the path, to a mind impure.

The many, the few, that gather together,
In furious pursuit to make them all stronger,
Live in blissful ignorance of the poor, the stricken,
Poor them: eventual deciders of their fate, now darkened.

How hilarious it is in hindsight!
To see them scamper about, blinded by sight!
Far too late; far too late,
Far too late to atone for their mistakes.

Pride, oh deranged, demented Pride,
Always seeking, yet never finding, their eyes.

Comets across the night sky,
A flighty wind shifting,
Ever wondering, ever in hope,
Ever hoping for labour’s love.

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Re: Fragments of Sorrow

Post by Death is... kinda hot on Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:35 pm

You're good, man!

Peachy Keen!

I'm a girl, by the way.
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