Weird thing I started...

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Weird thing I started...

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:25 pm

Fuse ran to a window in a mansion he and his Xia friends had been hiding in and looked out side.
"Welp...I think they found us." Fuse said as he watched the zombies attacking the gates of their hiding place.
Elder looked up from the book she was reading and looked out of the window herself.
"How the heck did they find us?" Elder asked.
Elder looked back at Travis as if she remembered something.
"Travis!!" Elder yelled as she threw her book at him.
"What the hell E?" Travis shouted as he dodged the book.
"This is all your fault!!!" Elder growled.
"Uh yeah...You're gonna need to explain that last staement." Travis said as he pulled him phone from his pocket.
"You went out to search for food last!!! You led them here!!" Elder yelled getting more angry with each word. Seeing that Travis wasn't paying as much attention to her, Elder snatched Travis' phone away from him.
"Haha..No...I turn the darn stealth suit on every time I leave here..Now give me my f-ucking phone back you idiot!!!" Travis yelled trying to get his phone back.
"I'm an idiot now?!" Elder said as she pulled a knife from a small sheath strapped to her hip.
"Cute...Now give it back!!" Travis yelled as he cracked his knuckles.
Elder lunged at Travis with the knife as Travis grabbed her hand and tried to take it from her. Elder tripped Travis and then tried to stab him on the floor. Travis quickly got up and ran at her. Fuse hadn't noticed the two fighting because he was watching the zombies.
"Hey guys the just- WHAT THE!!?" Fuse exclaimed as he pulled Elder and Travis apart.
"Okay, Elder the zombies were going to find us eventually...And Travis watch your mouth you might end up saying something you don't mean..." Fuse said struggling to keep Elder and Travis apart.
"Oh, I meant every word!!!" Travis said.
"I'm going to kill him Fuse!" Elder snarled.
"What? I- Okay...Elder give him his phone...And Travis you apologize.." Fuse said.
"Sorry.." Travis said before mumbling something under his breath.
"Whatever.." Elder said as she dropped Travis' phone on the floor.
"OH MY GAWD!" Travis screamed as he picked his phone up.
"This is the fourth time you two have tried to kill each other....It's getting annoying..."  Fuse said with a slight tinge of frustration in his voice.
"I'll stop when he stops being a childish idiot!" Elder said.
"And I'll stop when she stops being a b-tch!" Travis said.
Elder and Travis stared at each other for a few seconds before trying to attack each other over Fuse who was holding them apart.
"Would you two stop!?" Fuse groaned.
Elder and Travis ignored Fuse and kept trying to kill each other
Max walked into the room and pulled Travis away from Elder by his ear.
"Again? Really?" Max asked.
"Yes..." Fuse said dryly.
"What was your Excuse this time?" Max asked as she dragged Travis along.
"First, that hurts...Second she took my phone!!!" Travis yelled.
"So you attacked a girl?" Max asked.
"Elder's a girl?!" Travis said as he laughed and got away from Max.
"I'm going to kill him!! LET ME GO!" Elder yelled as she tried to jump over Fuse.
"Oooh look she's mad..." Travis taunted as he cracked his knuckles.
"Travis stop! Max can you...?" Fuse said.
"Travis..." Max said sternly.
"Oh Gawd.." Travis said as he turned to Max.
"You already know.." Max said with a frown.
Travis turned back to Elder.
"Sorry Elder.." Travis said quietly.
Elder rolled her eyes and looked out of the window
"They just knocked the gates down.." Elder said.
"Then let's go!" Max said.
"I'll use the P.A. to round everyone up.." Travis said walking over to a desk.
"After you get everyone's attention me and you will go start the timers on those charges we set last week." Fuse said as he began walking to the door of the room.
"Right on...they're all set for like three minutes right?" Travis said as he picked up a dusty old microphone.
"Yeah which means by the time the last on gets started we'll have a minute to get out.." Fuse said.
"Me and Max will head to the back exit..Hopefully Guy and Flare fixed that tank we found." Elder said as she walked out of the room.
"See ya later guys!" Max said as she followed Elder out of the room.
Travis turned the mic on and began to speak into it.

"Okay pansies listen up! The zombies found us so were getting outta here. Get to the backyard, the tank Flare and Guy found should be ready to go. If you aren't out of the house in the next 6 minutes you go boom. So Axel feel free to stick around..." Travis said before turning the mic off and heading out of the room with Fuse.

"You really...Agh! nevermind..Fuse said as he started walking down some stairs.

"What?" Travis said laughing.

"Let's just get to those charges.." Fuse said.

"Right on." Travis said as he followed Fuse down the stairs.
(Don't have time to finish right now...)

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Re: Weird thing I started...

Post by Death is... kinda hot on Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:50 pm

I love it.

Peachy Keen!

I'm a girl, by the way.
Death is... kinda hot
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Re: Weird thing I started...

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:51 pm

.ti evol I

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Re: Weird thing I started...

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:51 pm

Okay done with the first part..

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Re: Weird thing I started...

Post by no mom its ironic on Mon Aug 12, 2013 3:11 pm

Ooooh. I like. Very Happy

no mom its ironic
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Re: Weird thing I started...

Post by The Avelian on Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:30 pm

Travis and Fuse ran down stairs and came up to the front door of the mansion. The moans of the zombie hoard could be heard on the other side.

"They sound hungry.." Travis said as he looked out of the peephole.

"How close are they?" Fuse asked.

"It looks like they're just now getting past the gate they tore down." Travis said.

"Good, by the time this place blows they should be in here and we should be gone." Fuse said as he walked up to a small device mounted on the door.

"Okay let's do it.." Travis said as he walked around a corner

"WHAT THE I'M DIRTY BAN ME FOR A DAY!!!! Very Happy?!" Travis shouted as he fell onto his back.

"WHAT?! WHAT IS IT!" Fuse said as he ran around the corner.

"Bloons what the hell are you doing?! You're supposed to be getting ready to leave! AND WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING THAT DECAYING SKULL AGAIN!?" Travis exclaimed as he got up.

"Oh hello guys. I was just watching the Zombies, they're so...Beautiful." Bloons said as he stared out of the window.

"Crackhead..." Travis said staring at Bloons.

"Fuse how long until detonation?" Travis said as he activated another charge.

"ETA is about two minutes and forty seconds." Fuse said looking at his watch.

"You get gore fetish boy to the tank, I'll set up the last three charges." Travis said as he ran to the other side of the room and activated another charge.

"Okay come on Bloons.." Fuse said running out of the room.

"Very well.." Bloons said following him slowly.

Travis walked past a window and glanced outside.

"What the f-" Travis exclaimed as a long tongue shot through the window and wrapped around his arm.

"Oooooh my Gawd!" Travis exclaimed in a whisper as he pulled out a knife.

"Please don't shriek...PLEASE don't shriek.." Travis said as he positioned the knife over the tongue.

Travis cut through the tongue and released his hand. A loud shriek of pain cut through the air and shot into Travis' ears.

"OF COURSE IT'S A LICKER! WHY WOULDN'T IT BE!?" Travis exclaimed as he began to run.

A large zombie that crawled on four legs bursted through the window and chased after Travis.

"SH*T SH*T SH*T SH*T SH*T SH*T SH*T SH*T SH*T SH*T OOOOOOOHH SH*T!" Travis exclaimed as he ran from the licker.

The licker outran Travis and attempted to pounce on him. Travis turned a corner and dodged the attack and activated another charge that was mounted at the back of dead end hallway.

"Two more..." Travis turned around and froze in fear as he saw the licker standing at the entrance of the hallway.

"Well, I'm f*cked..." Travis whispered to himself.

The licker charged at Travis and jumped to slash his neck with it's huge claws. Travis closed his eyes and shook in fear as the licker flew through the air towards him. A loud bang followed by the sound of splattering blood flowed into Travis' ears. Travis fell to the ground and sat completely still waiting for his death. After about six second Travis opened his eyes to see the licker dead with a hole blasted through it.

"What the hell?" Travis said as he looked up and saw Flare walking up to him.

"Let's go bro.." Flare said as he helped Travis up.

"I could have killed it..." Travis said squeamishly.

"You're welcome...According to Fuse we have forty...eight seconds to get to the back." Flare said as he began running.

"Wait I have one more charge to turn on!" Travis exclaimed as he ran after Flare.

"Already done..." Flare said.

"Oh well...I..." Travis stammered.

"I told you you're welcome...Now hurry up before you go boom...And you're going to need a bath...covered in all that blood you look like a zombie.." Flare said laughing.

"Shut up!" Travis exclaimed.

Travis and Flare ran through the mansion and eventually came out to the backyard. Flare climbed up onto a huge transport tank and opened the hatch.

"We're here let's move!" Flare said as he dropped into the cabin.

Travis dropped into the cabin and stared at everyone.

"What the hell are you looking at?" Travis growled.

"What happened?!" Max exclaimed.

"You look awesome!" Bloons said happily.

"What were you doing?" Fuse asked.

"Nothing!" Travis exclaimed.

"Oh it looks like you got scared of something, then you ran and then you slipped and fell into a pile of blood." Elder laughed.

"Actually, he was fighting a licker..he tore it to shreds.." Flare said as he started up the tank.

Travis looked at Flare confused.

"I thought he was scared of those things..." Guy said.

"Well he beat the crap out of that one." Flare said.

"Uh...I...Di-" Travis was cut off by the sound of a massive explosion.

"What the heck!? All that from six or seven little charges?!" Scorp exclaimed.

"They were linked to a couple hundred pounds of dynamite." Fuse said.

"I bet the others are freaking out in the back." Max laughed.

"Probably..." Guy said.

Travis continued to shake in fear still thinking about the licker.

"I'm gonna go lay down somewhere.." Travis said as he opened a door and walked somewhere else into the tank.

"What's wrong with him?" Guy asked.

"I don't know normally he's all hyped up after random destruction." Max said.

"I think he just needs some let's plan where we go next." Flare said

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Re: Weird thing I started...

Post by Death is... kinda hot on Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:53 pm

You forgot to fix one of the words. The filters censored it and I'm trying really hard not to laugh.

Peachy Keen!

I'm a girl, by the way.
Death is... kinda hot
Reader of good books
Reader of good books

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Re: Weird thing I started...

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