The Potato of Entropy (Or Not)

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The Potato of Entropy (Or Not) Empty The Potato of Entropy (Or Not)

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Part One--Finding the Potato

Benjamin's hope of today being a normal day was totally destroyed when he saw the glowing potato on the farm. He should've probably gone and told his parents--if so, this would all have never happened. But of course, it did, though it probably didn't in an alternate universe. What an exquisite balance of the world. That's off-topic, so nevermind.

Benji was a young boy, and so he reached out and dug a little into the ground, then plucked the potato out. It glowed with a gentle teal color, and he heard a small voice.

"You! Boy! Yes, you!" It sounded annoyed--very peeved. "I got turned into this potato by an evil man. Help me and I'll help your parents through their financial crisis!"

Benji was surprised that the potato knew about the loss of money that his parents suffered. "Um... how am I supposed to help you?"

"I was transfigured into this form on this very farm, then planted in the ground. There should be a back-trigger on the old tree stump by the southeastern corner of the fence. Go on, boy, bring me there!" The potato jumped an inch in Benji's hands.

Still too stunned to refuse, Benji stumbled over to the place the potato had directed him to be. There was a small knob-like structure on the old stump that he hadn't seen before. Placing the potato on the top of the stump to investigate the knob, he ran his fingers over it and heard a loud sound behind him. Instinctively, he ran forward, then crouched down and shielded his head.

"Thank you!" Definitely a feminine voice, very relieved at that. "Oh, I hate being stuck in the ground. Eurgh. All the worms and insects--" she stopped talking with a shudder. "Oh yes, I said I'd help with money. Ah, piece of cake, daaahling!" The woman smiled and waved her hand. A chill wind surrounded a spot on the ground before a bag of money appeared there.

Benji stumbled back again, shocked. And that was even before he saw her wings.

Part Two--Beginning to Help the (Possibly Evil) Potato

"Thanks again, Benji!" The woman paused. "Oh, I'm being rude. Forgive me." She did a curtsy. "My name is Lady Saivel Enderin Angel of the Highest Magical Order. However, many people call me Elder. I'm the oldest one left of the Order."

"Um, you're... welcome... Lady Saivel." Benji shuffled his feet awkwardly.

"If you could, could you help me find the person who turned me into a potato?" Saivel asked kindly.

"Yes, m'lady." Benji bowed and Saivel laughed.

"No need to be so formal. Now..." Parchment fluttered out of a nearby window and Saivel pulled out a pen. "His name is Markendaire, and he lives... here." She lifted the pen from the paper and handed the CENSORED. to Benji. "Here you go."

"What will you do?" Benji asked over his shoulder as he set off, carrying some rations he'd... stolen from the cellar.

"What Markendaire stopped me from doing." Saivel waved to him until he was out of sight, then walked out on her own road. With an eerie smile, she gathered a ball of fire in her palm and rolled it out on the dry plains to the east...

Part Three--Finding Markendaire

Benji hadn't walked for long before he came to a huge mountain. He'd never wandered far from his small family-run farm, only to go to the larger cities to sell their crops. That was to the east though, not to the west, which was where he was currently heading.

He uncrumpled the parchment he held in his eyes and squinted at the fancy writing, all done up with curlicues. Mount Ephemeral, Peak. So this was Mount Ephemeral? It was much larger than he'd thought it would be. People told stories about it, they said that the magic of wind was woven through it's base. Whatever. Apparently he had to climb it.

He heard a low roar from behind him. A chill crept up his spine as he turned around. A dragon lingered there, powerful wings spread. It looked like an Air Dragon, but it also looked hungry. And the hungriness was the important part. Usually dragons were aloof--too aloof to bother attacking (or eating, he thought with a gulp) humans, but this one looked hungry.

"You seek way to top of mountain?" It grunted. Benji's eyes widened in surprise. "Get on. Markendaire don't receive visitors much."

Benji nodded nervously, head jerking up and down, before he clambered onto the dragon and gripped one of its horns as it lept into the air, wings beating down heavily. Mistakenly, Benji looked down and gripped the dragon's horn all the tighter. Soon they were above the height the clouds could reach, and Benji could feel the oxygen getting thinner.

"Markendaire here," the dragon grunted, as Benji looked out at the sea of clouds, shaking him from his reverie. It landed precariously on a ledge close to the peak.

"Thank you--what was your name again?" Benji called as the dragon paused to fly off again.

"Arine," the dragon replied, before jumping off with a grunt. Soon it dived far below the clouds, leaving white stray tendrils behind. Nervously, Benji turned again and saw the high tower looming over him. Hands shaking from the cold and fear, he slowly ascended the remaining distance before cautiously knocking the door.

Almost immediately, it practically fell open. A young man automatically opened the door, brandishing a sword.

"For the last time, Lady Angel--" He paused as he saw Benji. "Oh. Who are you?"

"Um, Benji." His hands shook, and the parchment fell to the ground. Markendaire (the young man) picked it up and read it.

"But this is Lady Angel's handwriting!" He exclaimed, shocked. "How could she have reverted back from the form I put her in--!" Markendaire looked at Benji. "Poor boy, I guess you couldn't have known." Markendaire closed the door as Benji stepped in.

"Um, I freed Saivel from the... potato form... and she helped me. Why'd you do that to her?" Benji paused. "I mean, you don't seem evil and all."

A shadow crossed over Markendaire's face. "She is too dangerous, too old, too powerful. We call her the elder--nevermind." He shook his head. "I'd hoped that in the form of a potato, she could spend time underground thinking over what she'd been about to do. But it all failed. I wonder where she's gone now." The color blanched from his face. "Good Lord, what if she's gone after that dragon?..."

"Um... Can... I help? Because, you know, this is my fault."

"I assume that she must have some favor to owe you, helping her out of that situation. Maybe you can talk to her." Markendaire's head snapped to the right when there was the loud sound of beating wings.

"Arine?" he called, opening the door. Arine landed on a nearby ledge again.

"News. Lady Angel in city. Come help." Arine nodded at him. "Bring boy?"

"Yes, Arine." Markendaire grabbed something from behind him--Meat! Benji realized--and tossed it out to the dragon, who tore into it ravenously.

"Thank you, Master." Arine spread his wings so as to make landing on his back easier. Both Markendaire and Benji safely landed before he took off, flying high.

"What did you call her?" Benji asked once, yelling with the wind ripping around and ripping their words from the air. "And why?"

Markendaire opened his mouth to reply, but again his words' sounds were muted. With a heavy thump, Arine landed.

"We here."

Benji's heart sank. The city was burned.

Part Four--Explanation of a Potato

Saivel stood off in the distance, watching the city burn with tears in her eyes. There was nothing left but charred wood and blackened ashes now. She was about to fly off when she heard the voice of the boy.

"Wait!" His voice was so sad--so very sad. She looked at him and saw the anger and hurt in his eyes. "Why? Why did you do it all?"

Saivel shook her head and whispered softly, "I can't tell you. I owe you a favor--I don't want you dead." She smiled a sad smile, before flying off like she'd intended. Benji's voice continued to yell, but only egged her on.

"Saivel! Wa-a-ait!"

But not stopping, she blinked the tears from her eyes and flew for the farthest ring of mountains, flew where she could remember and cry in peace.

She hadn't noticed that her sister was gone until the last second. When she came to wish her goodnight, such a young girl. But her sister was gone--no scream, no sound, no tracks, only an eerie letter left upon her bed.

Entropy, Lady Saivel, it read, Entropy. Set it throughout the cities, fire everywhere, tornadoes ripping up the required topsoil for farmers. Tear down civilizations. Do this all or your sister dies. Give me power or your sister dies. ~Valon

It was the former Lord of Chaos, Valon. Before Lord Fuse. He wanted power again, power to regain his title. Saivel didn't know Lord Fuse, but she wanted anyone but Valon to have the power that he once had.

But it was her sister. That night, she had sat there on that bed, biting her lip, not caring if the skin tore, struck by indecision. Her sister won over. She was so, so sorry that she had to do this, but it was her sister.

And worst of all was that it was her own uncle doing it.

Saivel grabbed her knees and rocked back and forth. She was in the last layer of clouds, collecting like a steamy mist around her. She hummed softly as a merry fire nearby crackled and sparked.

There is no hope now for me, she thought, depressed, to herself. My sister dies or my corrupt uncle gains the title again. Either way--my world ends.

She lifted her head as she heard voices.

"Reddish fog--of course! Brilliant boy!"

"Call yourself an idiot," Benji replied to Markendaire, blushing with embarrassment. "Besides, you would've spotted it soon enough."

"Whatever. Let's go and get the explana--" Markendaire stopped as Saivel's sword peeked out of a nearby cloud, followed by Saivel herself.

"--tion out of her?" Saivel jeeringly said, finishing his sentence. "Hello, Markendaire. I have two reasons..."

"Name them." Markendaire's eyes flashed.

"One--there is too much peace and quiet. Order will be established if there is something to balance this out. Two--" she hesitated. "My sister."

"Sarine?" Markendaire sounded surprised. "Such a young thing. Why'd you be doing this--" He paused. "Oh."

Saivel sheathed her sword. "Valon has her. She's his only hope now--well, technically me. But still..." Her eyes were filled with despair. "Maybe you can help me. That's why I came in the first place."

"Well, then... sorry about the general... potato-ness?" Markendaire coughed.

"It's alright." Saivel smiled warmly.

"But the problem is, first of all, where is he--and then, how would we get Sarine?" Markendaire paused. "Elde--"

"Shh!" Saivel held a finger to her lips. "We have a mortal among us, don't forget, you idiot!"

"Um, I missed something, didn't I?" Benji walked forward.

"Okay, did you hear my two reasons?" Saivel asked.


"Besides, I'm not actually very clear on them either," Markendaire pointed out. "Why don't you explain further?"

Saivel sighed. "Alright. This might take a while to tell..."

Part Five--Story of a Potato

Saivel cleared her throat and paused, looking down at her feet. "I've never really told anyone this, but well, Valon..." There was a moment of awkward silence. "He's my uncle."

Another moment of awkward silence. Markendaire finally broke it. "Whoa."

Saivel smiled nervously. "He was so corrupt that, well, even I fought against him. He used to be nicer, but those are days long gone. He was corrupted by power."

"Sorry, but I dunno who Valkon is," Benji remarked. Markendaire stared at him. "What?"

"He was the previous Lord of Chaos before Lord Fuse. The power corrupted him so much that any morals he had before were obliterated. Now he wants his power back." Markendaire paused.

"Well, yes, but I personally think that this might've started a long while ago, before the title of Lord of Chaos was passed down to him...."

His father, Valkon, was a much better lord than him. Less... corrupt. Less ambitious. Overall, much nicer and fitting for the duty. But alas, he couldn't stop the passing of the title. Even a Lord does not live forever.

Valon was eager for it, he wanted power, he wanted glory. He wanted to be known by the world, for being a Lord of Chaos. The Great and Powerful Lord of Chaos, high and supreme above all before him and after him. But Chaos was already rooted deep in his soul, and the moment he showed weakness, it began to take over him.

It was slow and no one noticed, but his actions cause more disruption, more destruction, than even Chaos alone could make. The world was turning black and the blackness would be offset by a million other colors, and part of it would be upside down and right side up and everything was worse than ever.

But when he targeted the island of Xyla, it was a fatal mistake. Somehow he held on to those last shreds of life, refusing to give up. Somehow he managed to stay alive, as the Chaos that still existed embedded deep in his soul bit through stone. Day by day, week by week, month by month.

He survived. His soul still twisted, heart still full of discord, of pain, of agony, of the sheer insane joy of watching it all fall before its feet. His hope for final glory almost killed him.

Saivel stopped talking for a moment. The clouds around them glowed a soft orange-pink color as the sun began to set. Benji curled a lock of hair around his finger. Markendaire apparently had some parchment and was writing her account down. Taking a breath, she continued.

No matter how he tried, he could see no way to gain back his title from Lord Fuse. His anger and frustration annoyed him, day by day, as his newfound minions built a fort of sheer stone around him, as he protected himself, he yearned to attack.

The answer came. He needed the power of another. He needed to gain power from Chaos, feed from it once again. The question being: How would he gain that power?

I knew he was still alive. I never told my sister. She didn't have memories of those days gone by when he had devastated our world. So sweet and innocent, but she got caught up in all of this.

Valon took her. The only one that matters to me now, with my mother, an angel, gone, off to do things... My father, dead, and my sister still here. But now Valon has her.

An uncle who kidnapped his niece. He does not just take power, really, from Chaos, but from pure entropy. Destruction, disintegration, from it's very source. He needs that power. He wants to regain it.

I can't let him do that. But I can't let my sister die.

The sun's rays were now just peeking over the horizon. Funny, Saivel thought to herself, How even though from there we'd be right at the horizon, it still seems so far away from us.

Markendaire carefully smoothed out the pieces of parchment he'd been writing on and rolled them into compact scrolls. "Well, that helped. However, still some major prob--" He was interrupted by a loud snore, and he and Saivel couldn't help but laugh.

Benji was sleeping already, with a piece of parchment crumpled under him. Saivel gently shook him awake and dangled her legs over a ledge of the mountainside.

"Hi," Benji muttered as he sat above her.

"Hi, Benji," she replied absentmindedly, staring off at the horizon. "The sun, it's like you're chasing it, but it always seems to be the same distance away. Something you want to get but is always out of your reach. Running towards it and still away."

Benji looked at her. "Um..." he looked back up just as the sun's rays started fading totally. "Night?" He gathered his legs back up from over the ledge and walked back towards where Saivel had put her fire.

Saivel sat there even as the stars came out, gently twinkling stars. One burned wildly across the deep blue sky, a shooting star, quick and fleeting. There one moment and gone the next.

She breathed out a sigh that turned into smoke-colored mist before finally climbing back up, to the little shred of hope that she had left.

Part Six--Finding Valon's Base (With a Potato)

It was cold and foggy when they all woke up the next day. Saivel was awake before them all and had grouped and rationed their supplies. Her own knapsack lay next to her. She pulled out a sword from it, then two others, which she tossed carelessly towards Benji and Markendaire. Both embedded themselves in cracks in the rock.

Markendaire easily picked his up. "Hey, you--!" He looked accusingly at Saivel. "That's my sword that went missing!"

"Well, let's just say that I thought it was gathering dust." Saivel shrugged. "Anyways, you got it back."

Markendaire paused, then shrugged and nodded. Benji grabbed his sword uncertainly.

"Well..." Saivel paused, before the sword disappeared. She then plucked a slingshot from the sack and handed it to Benji, as well as a pouch of stones. "If nothing else, push that small knob right at the CENSORED.."

Benji did as she instructed, and small blades sprung from the edges of the slingshot. He nearly dropped it in surprise. Saivel smiled.

"So, don't be entirely useless in melee combat, alright?" Saivel picked her knapsack up and slung it over her shoulder, then threw Markendaire and Benji theirs. "First of all we've got to find where he is."

Markendaire paused as he rooted around in his knapsack. "You didn't... just wait..." It glowed a pale blue and he grinned. "Ah, there we go!" Triumphantly, he pulled out a scroll. "There's a confusing, VERY LONG spell... and here it is!"

"...And what is it?" Saivel asked curtly.

"Well, it's supposed to track stuff to it's source. I bought this scroll off some guy for..."

"Oh, be quiet, Markendaire!" Saivel shoved a paper under his nose. "This is the letter Valon sent me--be done with it!"

"Alright, alright, don't need to be so pushy," he grumbled. Markendaire unfurled both scrolled pieces of paper and scanned over both. "Alright, this might take a while. Go ahead and do something--organize."

"Oh CENSORED. up," Saivel groaned, snatching the paper from him. "This isn't that long! Believe me, when you're... nevermind." She glanced at Benji for a moment.

"Whatever." She muttered some words under her breath and the parchment lit up momentarily. "West. Travel west until you hit it."

"What? What sort of?... Nevermind."

Saivel smiled. "Let's go."

Part Seven--Rogues and Data Cores

The trio had been walking at a fair pace for a while when Saivel held out her hand, indicating for them to stop. "Listen," she hissed, as Benji looked around in confusion. There was complete silence for a few peaceful moments, when there was the sound of claws against--was that metal?

A distorted shriek ripped through the air. Saivel drew her sword swiftly and ran towards the thick bushes where the sounds emanated from, slicing her way through the plant life.

Someone in heavy steel armor, it appeared, was fighting off a dozen of purple twisted creatures. A beam of light emitted from one of the armor's arms, then turned into a sword as the person inside slashed at yet another creature.

"Rogue Chaosians!" Markendaire exclaimed. He drew his own sword as Saivel dashed forward and stabbed one of the creatures in the heart. It dissipated into purple energy.

Automatically, the armored figure swivelled towards them. However, Saivel and Markendaire ignored it as they fought their way through the Rogue Chaosians.

Suddenly there was a loud curse from inside the armor. "IDIOTIC DATA CORE!" A voice yelled. Only Benji could hear it as the shrieks from the Chaosians rose higher pitched, almost in chorus.

Pretty soon there was only three Chaosians left, which were quickly taken care of. Markendaire and Saivel hadn't even broken a sweat, and Saivel turned to face the armored person.

"Well, seeing as we just helped you, wouldn't you mind getting out of there and talking to us, at the very least?" she snapped irritably.

"Fine." A transparent screen slid back from the helm and a young woman stepped out. "Hi, my name is June--" Her sentence was cut off as the suit sparked. "Dangit."

Saivel looked at the suit suspiciously. "What the--where did you get this?"

June's head popped out again. "Found it. My dad knew some technology stuff, we fixed it up and now I'm using it."

"You just happened to find an alien--yes, I said alien--high technology Manipulator Suit Mark XI?" Saivel asked accusingly.

"What?" June peered down at Saivel. "Can you read that accursed squiggly stuff?"

"Of course! I paid those people a visit once, they owed me a good amount of money when I was once a bounty hunter. Instead, they gave me a Data Core. Fat lot of good that was." Saivel rummaged inside her bag.

"A Data Core?" June sounded surprised. "Hey, could I have that? Apparently the Data Core this machine has has gone bonkers, or something-or-other."

"Well, whatever. I don't have any use for it." Saivel found what she was looking for and tossed it to June. "What business do you have in these forests? Rogue Chaosians are, in fact, widely known as being here."

"Was lookin' for a... a guy," June replied, avoiding the question. "M'dad..." June paused. "Well, catch ya later."

"Oh no you don't!" Saivel apparently used magic, because suddenly June was hanging upside down, as well as the Manipulator Suit Mark XI. June gulped.

"Um, what?..." she questioned, her face pale.

"Well, is the 'guy' you're looking for named Valon?" Saivel asked. June's eyebrows raised in surprise, though she quickly attempted to hide it.

"Well... yeah." June sighed. "What's it to you?"

"We're looking for the same person." June and the suit flipped back over. "Now, seeing as we just helped you out, we can work together. Get that Data Core installed."

"You've got a deal." June's eyes sparkled as she clambered back into her suit.

They now had a new companion with them.
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