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Chronicles of the Serpentine--Chronicles of the Rajis Empty Chronicles of the Serpentine--Chronicles of the Rajis

Post by no mom its ironic on Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:31 am

Okay, so since my brain has selective writer's block, I decided to post an unfinished old story I wrote a while ago. It still has crappy names and MAY be titled something else because yeah.

Chronicles of the Serpentine
Chronicles of the Rajis

Caiura Palendai

“I’ve made my decision, Narex. I want to go back to a school, spend some time with girls like myself. Be the girl that I am.” I watch my guardian carefully as he tinkers with jars of bubbling liquid, mixing them together in a small glass flask.

Narex is at my side in an instant, still holding the flask. “Girl you may be,” he reminds me sharply. “But you are not just an ordinary girl.” He drops the flask and it shatters, the liquid spilling on the wooden floor. He doesn’t seem to notice. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. “You have a duty, Caiura.”

I let out my breath in one whooshing sigh. “I know that, Narex. But I’ve decided.”

“If you have, I cannot stop you.” Narex reminds me (once again), that whilst he is my guardian, sworn to protect me, he cannot follow me and he cannot give me orders. He lets out a breath—a breath that feels like the swoop of the prairie wind. Then he mumbles something and gets the mop and broom, sweeping up the fine glass remnants.

“I’ll help you,” I say, glad for something to keep my hands busy. As I take the mop and churn it up and down in the wooden bucket, Narex looks at me with his dark black eyes.

“If you really wanted to help me, you would stay here, and do your duty.” To that, I do not reply. What is there to say?


“She will be safe.” The dumpy little woman they call the headmistress smiles at me, and immediately, I feel guilty for thinking such ugly thoughts about her. “My name is Sylvia Scotte.” She shakes my hand, jiggling it up and down heartily.  

Narex looks at me, then at the woman, his gaze lingering on her for a second. He does not believe that she will keep me safe. Oh, she’ll try her best, his eyes say. But she won’t be able to, in the end.

“Chin up, Narex,” I say, teasing him as I have done so many years.

Narex finally gives me a thin smile. “I will. When I have something to cheer up about.” Then he walks down the dusty path, tipping his hat to Sylvia. The thick morning mists roll in, and his figure disappears in a few seconds.

“Let’s have you settled,” Sylvia says. “Your roommate will be... Miss Samara Okrin. A very accomplished sorceress indeed.” Something about my roommate’s name sounds wrong, but I have no time to think as Sylvia takes me firmly by the arm. “I assure you, in a matter of days, you will think of this academy as your very own home.”

“Sure,” I say. Even though I don’t believe it.

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no mom its ironic
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Chronicles of the Serpentine--Chronicles of the Rajis Empty Re: Chronicles of the Serpentine--Chronicles of the Rajis

Post by no mom its ironic on Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:26 pm

Samara Okrin

It has been a long day. I flop down on my bed, and suddenly notice my roommate, who I have so not noticed until now.

“Uh, hi,” I say, somewhat dully. I flap open the newest catalog of magic wares that’s appeared at the foot of my bed.

She shrugs. “Hi. I’m Caiura Palendai.” She takes out the same catalog of magic wares from her bag and flips through it.

I shrug. “My name’s Samara Okrin. Oh, and don’t even consider that company you’re looking at—their stuff sucks.”

She looks up at me and the edges of her mouth curls up in the tiniest hint of a smile. “Thanks,” she says.

“No prob.” I wonder exactly who Caiura is, but she seems different than all the other stuck up, prissy girls at this school. School for Gifted Witches... heh, more like School for Rich Stuck-Up Prissy Witches. Only a few actually gifted witches get in.

Caiura seems to read my thoughts, and she smiles. “I’ve never been in a school before. I’ve always—” she claps a hand to her mouth then looks guilty. “Nothing.”

I lean back on my bed nonchalantly as I scan the pages for something good. If someone doesn’t want to tell something they don’t want to tell, I’m easy with it. Don’t ever pressure someone to reveal something, it mangles the friendship. (But if you don’t pressure someone to reveal a secret, they can just reveal it out of the blue. Very startling at a meal.) That’s something I’ve learned, unfortunately from experience.

Caiura bites her lower lip. “Um. I guess I’d better tell you. After all, I can’t keep everything a secret.” She smiles faintly again. “I’m a prophetess. The last one in the world.” She slips a silver ring off her finger. “This is the last of the Seven Prophecy Rings.” She lets out her breath slowly.

I’m pretty certain I shoot the wall. Or my bed. Or something. I shoot something, that’s for sure. Because the next thing I know, there’s a loud bang sound and I jump and hit my head on the ceiling.

“You’re what?!” I exclaim as I land on my bed again, rubbing my head and grimacing slightly.
Caiura looks embarrassed. “I had to tell somebody.” She smiles widely. “I badgered my guardian into taking me here.” She laughs and jumps off the bed. “Want to play magical hide-and-seek?”

“Sure.” I snap my fingers and the catalog starts dancing along the bed. “Oh no, come on. You dumb thing.” I grab it and shake it a couple of times. This time it obediently soars off into my bag.

Caiura laughs, and prods her catalog. It obediently jumps into the bag and folds itself up. “When is dinner, anyway?”

I open my bag and pull out a little dragon, a gift my mom gave me when I left for school. I hear a little growl and it tries to scrabble back into the bag when I finally pull it out and fall on the bed again.

A small purple and blue dragon lies on my hand, looking very angry at me and swinging a little necklace.

“Sheesh. Fine. Here you go.” I pull out some toast from my pocket (from breakfast) and hand it to her. The dragon snorts and accepts it.

Caiura’s eyes widen. “You have one too? I thought I was the only one left in the world who had a dragon!” She reaches into her bag and pulls out a little silver and gold dragon, who is sleeping on a tiny velvet pillow.

“Okay,” I say to my dragon. “Jinea, what time is it?” Jinea puffs out some smoke and growls (in dragontongue), More toast first. Sighing, I feed her some more.

It’s... she frowns up at the ceiling, then exclaims in dragontongue yet again. Aha! 4:45 p.m. She looks insanely proud of herself. I shrug.

Caiura looks confused. “But still, when’s dinner?”

“One hour and fifteen minutes.” I give Jinea another piece of toast for good measure and pick up my wand. “Now, what about that game of magical hide-and-seek?”

We waste fifteen minutes getting ready because Jinea and Vivena (Caiura’s dragon) want to play too. So we make them little invisibility cloaks and they’re set.

After that, it’s all magical hide-and-seek. If you don’t know how it’s done, I’ll explain.

Two or more players disappear. After that, one person, the seeker, tries to touch the other player(s), the hider(s). The seeker has to count before starting because the invisibility spell takes a while to complete.

“I’ll be it,” Caiura volunteers generously.

“Sure,” I reply. “Now count!”

“One... Two... Three-ee....” Caiura closes her eyes tight and counts slowly, perfect to allow even the worst spellcaster to complete an invisibility spell.

Finally, a bit later, she’s done. “Ready or not, here I come!” she exclaims jauntily, then begins to go through the room.

First to be found is Jinea (she jumped behind a curtain but kept on scorching it), who shrugs angrily and puffs a bit of smoke. Second, it’s me. “I know you’re there,” Caiura says, her smile evident even in her voice.

Third and last is Vivena, who fluttered behind my pillow. She looks quite happy with herself and gobbles up the little marshmallow that Caiura has given her for a prize.

“Time?” I ask Jinea after she’s finished exulting the indignancy of being found first.

She looks at the ceiling and says in dragontongue, Added together it’s seventeen.

“5:48 p.m.,” I respond immediately. Then I turn to Caiura. “We’ve got twelve minutes to get ready for dinner.” I nod towards the bathroom door, and rush inside there and one of the stalls, carrying my after-class robes with me.

Caiura shrugs and follows. I sure hope I can get her used to this school.

Chronicles of the Serpentine--Chronicles of the Rajis UkQWn65
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no mom its ironic
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