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  1. Lowell
    Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:37 am
    Message by Lowell - Xia Mafia Three: 5P Vengeful
    MGers unite! Eh, Arthur won't join us but we can still win this!

    Welcome to Xia Mafia Three. You are Axel, Riku's friend and new member of Xia. This doesn't mean much to you, but you're the Mafia Goon. If Lord Fuse(who is Riku) dies, then you lose the will to live and die.

    You have a unique post restriction: you may only make one post a day. Not a game phase, mind you.

    You win when it is no longer possible to be defeated.

    Confirm by returning this PM with a paraphrase of your roles, your abilities etc.

    QT is here.

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